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4 Point Home Inspection- $119

What is a Four-Point Insurance Inspection in Lakeland & Polk County FL?

A 4 Four-Point Insurance Inspection includes evaluation of the following four components: Heating/Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Roofing, and Electrical. The inspection is performed by a licensed inspector on behalf of the insurance companies and is typically, as a requirement for the insurer, offering insurance to the new homeowner or at the renewal of an existing policy. The Four-Point Insurance Inspection is far less in scope than a standard home inspection and should not be intended for use as a pre-sale or pre-purchase comprehensive inspection. It will not contain the type of information you will need to make an informed decision for purchase. Click here to learn what is included in a four point inspection.

Lakeland 4 point inspection

Why is my insurance company asking for this inspection?

If you’re home is older than 25 years of age your insurance company may request you to have a Four-Point Insurance Inspection performed. Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue homeowner insurance policies on homes 25 years or older. Their concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them.

How do I find a good home inspector?

Most insurance companies accept reports signed and completed by a licensed; building contractor, licensed home inspector, a licensed engineer and/or any licensed contractor certified in any of the four principles. We only inspect homes in Polk County and surrounding areas.

Save when you order the Combo! Wind Mitigation + 4 Point Inspection Combo report covers the Heating/Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, and the Roof. This is the best way to save on Home Insurance.

Is there a 4 point home inspection checklist to fill out?

Most insurance companies accept the Citizens Insp4PT (09-12) or one that includes all the elements of that form. The form must be accompanied with photographs of the; Front & rear of the home, Electrical panel with the door open, washing machine plumbing (hoses and stops),water heater pressure relief valve, plumbing under all sinks, roof and HVAC Units. Please note that you cannot fill out this report on your own, insurance companies require these forms completed by qualified, licensed and approved inspectors.

Can I use my Standard Home Inspection in lieu of a 4-Point Inspection Report?

Typically, insurance companies do not want large reports that contain other information. They only want specific information regarding the four principles. Before you pay us for a home inspection, you should ask your insurance agent whether the insurance company will require the Four-Point Insurance Inspection report. You could end up paying twice as much for the same service and information gathering.

What things fail a 4 point home inspection that can make my home uninsurable?

Heating: Properties which have a portable heater or open flame as a primary source of heat, (e.g., Electric, oil or kerosene portable space heaters, gas heater, or any device utilizing an open flame).

Electrical: Properties which contain any potentially hazardous electrical conditions, knob & tube or aluminum branch wiring circuits. Properties equipped with an electrical service less than 60 Amps, certain brands of distribution panels, double tapping of a circuit breaker or unsafe wiring.

Roof Conditions; Roofs that are damaged; or roofs that have visible signs of leaks; or roofs that have less than three to five years of remaining useful life. The “remaining useful life” is the remaining life expectancy of the roof covering to function as intended, based upon an inspection of the wear and tear, decay, deterioration, decline, or defects present from; natural, climactic, installation, or other conditions.

Roof Covering Age; Shingle, built-up tar and gravel, or other roof coverings that are 25 to 30 years old and tile, slate, clay, concrete or metal roof coverings that are over 50 years old must be be fully replaced or updated to be eligible for coverage.

Exceptions: There are exceptions to the above and we recommend that you speak with your insurance agent for complete definitions of those exceptions.

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More information regarding Four Point Insurance Inspections can be obtained at the Citizens Insurance web site.

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