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Lakeland Stucco Inspection

Step on a crack …. Break your realtors deal

June 22, 2019

In the world of real estate there are many potential deal breakers. One that comes to mind, is a crack in cementitious materials (block, cement, and stucco e.g.). The real issue is determining whether the crack is due to expansion and contraction or something more serious, like a crack that suggests structural failure. This is not uncommon in Polk County under the Florida sun.  The discussion at hand, is understanding the difference between the two and how to put each in their proper perspective.

A hairline crack in stucco near the corner of a door or window is fairly common and usually warrants no need for alarm. Often this kind of crack can be remedied with an elastic filler and paint. On the other hand, a crack that is wide enough to fit the edge of a coin or that has evidence of being filled before and has cracked again or when one side of the crack bulges past the other side, this could be clues to structural problems and should raise concern. For additional details on cracks in concrete ( ).

I work in Lakeland as a home inspector. I struggle with informing the potential homeowner of all the information and condition of the home, while at the same time not causing undo fear or concern. In what ways as a home inspector can I communicate fully and honestly, without creating drama or fear in the potential home buyer?  This is why I provide personal feedback in addition to the written home inspection.

Wayne Rogers

Home Inspector

Wayne Polk County Inspector